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Meet the "Students of the Professor"
Just read what they have to say about Wilson Frazier!

Sudents of the Professor

If you would like to be listed as a "student" of "The Professor" send us your picture and let us know about your experience with Wilson!



Brett Hite


"One of the foremost knowledge leaders in the electronic industry. He puts it in front of you in the most simplistic terms….. "

Brett Hite B.A.S.S. Pro Tour

Bill Dance


"Without question, nobody knows more about Sonar or GPS or can explain it easier than my old friend, Wilson Frazier. He's the best!!!" 

By the way, he is my personal "Electronics Professor"

Bill Dance "America's Greatest Fisherman"

Shaw Grigsby


"When I have a question about my Lowrance Electronics, I ask Wilson. He teaches all of us how to better use our electronics."

Shaw Grigsby B.A.S.S.
Randy & Wilson "Before meeting Wilson Frazier, I was just another pro with Lowrance electronics. I only knew enough about it to "get by". After getting to know Wilson, I have been amazed at the amount of things you can do with your electronics. Wilson is a fisherman himself and has more wisdom and knowledge about electronics than anybody, period. He also knows how to explain and teach the fishermen so the information is retained and used. I do not know what I would do if he was not on the Tour with us keeping us going. I really appreciate all his time spent with me and I am sure you will to. "

Randy Howell B.A. S. S. Pro
Mike "Ike" Icaonelli

"The average fisherman probably doesn't think that electronics are that important. Well, let me tell you first hand, they mean the difference between winning and loosing. Because of the help and guidance of Wilson Frazier, I was able to win the 2003 Bassmaster Classic and come in third in the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year standings in 2004. 
He has taught me so much more than I already knew about GPS, traducer placement, signal readings, and every other bell and whistle on my Lowrance unit. I can tell you one thing, knows his stuff."

 Mike Iaconelli B.A.S.S. Pro
2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion


Gary & Wilson


"My electronics are my underwater eyes and they are crucial and essential to interpreting the underwater environment. In all my years of competing I have never met a person like Wilson who has taken my understanding to the next level. “Master of Electronics”, Best I’ve ever known” 

Gary Klein B.A.S.S. PRO
174 Times on the winners stage.

Mark & Wilson

"Wilson has been very helpful in helping me understand advanced fishing electronics he has a complete understanding of this new technology and he has a brilliant way of putting this technology in laymen's terms"

Mark Davis B.A.S.S. PRO


Mark & Wilson

"Wilson can give confidence to those of us that only used our units on automatic mode. He has shown me pages and tactics that I use everyday on the tour!"

"Efficiency and confidence are the two factors that Wilson has given me with his experience. This gives me the ability to make a 100 mile run or place my bait exactly where I caught them yesterday! The instruction I have received from "The Professor" helps me to get to more fish!"

Mark Menendez Elite 50 and B.A.S.S. Tour Pro

Ish & Wilson


"Wilson Frazier has taught me more about Lowrance in one hour than I learned in 5 years.

It has helped me to catch more fish and increased my tournament's success . Don't forget Wilson's secret stuff screen cleaner, so clean, I can see my pretty smile!"

Ish Monroe


Yusuke Miyazaki


"You explained the features of my Lowrance units and how to use them so that non-native English speaker like myself can understand, and resolved some problems I had with my units; your kind and prompt assistance is what I needed to survive the tough Bassmaster Tour and Central Opens.

I think it would be a great help for everybody if you have a seminar on how to use new Lowrance units because the new models have all the great features which only a few tournament fishermen know about.

Your help is greatly appreciated, Wilson, and I hope to see you every time I fish tournaments."

Skeeter Pro Team
Yusuke Miyazaki

Roland Martin


My good friend Wilson Frazier aka The Sonar Professor can teach you the principals of sonar & GPS in easy layman terms.

Roland Martin




Larry Nixon

"Whenever I need to know something about my Sonar/GPS unit, I don't pick up a manual or book, I call my good buddy Wilson Frazier"

Larry Nixon


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