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Absolutely the BEST degreaser on the market.
Nothing beats Eraser when it comes to getting stains out!

Uses for Eraser include the following:

• Forget about using Shout in your wash use Eraser (I do)! It lasts longer too! Just spray and let sit for a few minutes or wash right away!

• Forget about your favorite carpet stain remover, Eraser gets the toughest stains out, just ask Greg Hackney's wife! It will not effect the color or the nap of your carpet. It's always safe however to test a small spot before applying!

• Use Eraser on your stove, refrigerator, anyplace in your kitchen except for glass.

• Clean tires on your car or boat trailer like you won't believe. Spray Eraser on and watch the dirt melt off! Great on anything rubber.

Eraser has so many uses there is not enough room to list them
all! You will "LOVE" Eraser!!!!!

Here are some pictures of Eraser in action! These photos were
supplied by John Parks, owner of Jet-A- Marina in Calvert Ky, used on a boat that had some bad mildrew stains in the carpet!

Mildew stain on carpet, Eraser to the rescue! Mildew stain on boat carpet!
Eraser does it again!!!


After applying Eraser!

Watch this video on how best to apply Eraser:






are SO CONFINDENT ABOUT ERASER we guarantee it!


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